Say No To Almajiri, No To Modern Day Slavery with It’s Treacherous Tragic Consequences

Almajiri has become a common phenomena from the word go in the northern part of nigeria and the people has accepted and embraced it whole heartedly.

This is a modern day slavery that has been allowed to spread with all its treacherous, selfish, inhuman, indecent ways of manipulation, brain washing and outdated ideology, which has more negative noticeable effects with an over whelming tragic consequences.

Almajiri need no special definition or introduction because even the most youngest of us knows one, because of their identifiable characteristics.

Unfortunately, an Almajiri is suppose to be a child who is provided with all the necessary means of livelihood for a better tomorrow and brighter future , but the reverse is since the case.

The Question is why would anyone be Subjected to extreme hardship like been forced into early marriage, exploitations, prostitution and at early stage of their lives in other to get education?

Why would any child be made to beg on the streets in other to feed, in the end the food is meant for someone else?

What will become of our future if supposedly the leaders of tomorrow have not been provided with equal opportunity and the necessary enabling environment?

What is the difference between slavery and almajiri’s ways of life if most of them are victims of circumstances who end up as free child trafficking samples preyed on by the predators who deceitfully lured them into slavery?

Gradually, almajiri slavery has metamorphosed into a corporate slavery known as outsourcing or contracted jobs, which trap people in work places who are later disposed after been milked like the Fulani cattle. And all of these things are happening because we refused to rise up against it at the early stage for the fear of what might be called ignorance, lack of will power and social responsibilities.

A lot of factors that leads to this modern day slavery are exposure, out dated beliefs and refusing to accept or adapt to changes, extreme poverty, greed, too many wives, too many children etc, which has given rise to lot of social vices like Boko haram, sara suka, prostitution, drug abuse and lots of criminality, that is bedeviling the communities of our country.

Surprisingly, the governments move to end this injustices which has given rise to social vices like Boko haram, has become an exercise in futility because lots of people are using it to enrich themselves, making it impossibly possible for it not to end

Also the schools that were built provided another relevant opportunity to syphon billions of naira by the big shots from the government leaving the almajiri to be vulnerable more than ever before .

It is a compulsory responsibility of all of us to fight this menace before our only world is put to perpetual suffering, that will make us all end up as slaves of our time.

Everyone has the right to live independently free from exploitation, hardship, destitution and servitude. #Say No To Almajiri, No To Modern Slavery with its Attendance consequent tragic effects.


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