Send them a flower – IDP’S

It is true that peace has gradually creeped into Maiduguri the borno state capital even though same cannot be said of the surrounding neighbouring villages who had suffered endless unwarranted attacks, which has forced many to leave this world unplanned or even give up there habitats. but what exactly is peace if the city is swarmed with lots of disorder mind boggling and soul deadening situations, such as death, despair and deceit.

I mean to say behind this city’s glittering facades lies rancour, sadness and abject poverty which has its signature all over the place with attendance endless circle of evidence of camps tagged IDP’S,

These camps has provided life time opportunities for a lot of people both individual and private organisations especially the government and its agent who live off these internally displaced people by enriching themselves with properties food and funds meant for the IDP’S, One of such recent instances is where trailer load of rice meant for these camps where diverted and sold with ultimate intentions of buying fuel for the generators in these camps since every nite darkness envelopes them, As a result of non availability of funds to provide the necessary succour to alleviate their sufferings, even though funds have been earmarked and made available before now by both private individuals and NGO’S, Double profit, what kind of life is this?

These made me to ascertain that peace can actually be categorized, perfect peace which is the most expected of all peace where everything is in its rightful place animal things and human, normal peace which is also devoid of any unacceptable health rendering dangerous elements unscrupulously scattered or total peace which is the most powerful and all encompassing including clean environments, healthy living and been hunger free. which one of these can we say is present now in Maiduguri? I leave these for any one who had the time to digest this piece to ponder

And because of the most viral and deadly common disease, a scourge that is now ravaging our world, eaten into our very being like the canker worm venomously, a virus which is seriously contagious with overwhelmingly unnoticeable intensifying serious future consequences, whose negative impact unequally out weighs the positive values which may be its originally intended, forecast or predicted norms, social media and its engagement has infiltrated the human mind now all over the world making it unequivocally impossible for us to notice what goes on around us, simply because we’ve gone blind, the only vision we have is on our phones, many have grown hunch back for continuous bending, some are also deaf for they always have two strings dangling from their drum globes making them innocently completely unaware of What’s coming or going,

Our charity, social responsibility and offerings has been sacrificed together with man’s most precious and valuable thing in life called time on one of the most deadliest platform, if we are not busy chatting on WhatsApp, imo, messenger or bbm, then we are buzy perusing or surfing the net for latest collections of designers clothes wristwatches, shoes, cars and all the latest trends of hair style, lipsticks, eyebrows, shadows, make ups, reigning dance, music, artist drama, just fashion music shikenan fa,

Its now the only religion that we understood with lots of spontaneity, making us so lazy and adamant, we’ve completely alienated ourselves from our only world and port to the world of social medium and mobile, now more than ever, we all are the disciples of this religion.

Our world is in bad shape, the IDPS are suffering and the much needed help must come from a collective effort because I believe that we are made up of network of interdependence, but all things go horribly wrong when these chains of network are been altered or broken.

A lot of them are widows or widower , the children are orphaned with the only option of taken to the street to beg, since survival of the foetus where the strongest ones survive is the most commonest ways of coexistence in the camp, the weak, the old, and the children has flooded the streets with lots of sadness, anxiety, hunger, anger, impatience making them to become desperadoes, but survive all must, for tomorrow holds a better opportunity, with all these sweet thoughts they forge ahead.

All they need from us is a little bit of attention love and healing, as we smile let’s have a reason to put a smile on the face of one IDP everyday, let’s not eat sweets, chocolate ice creams, beef, bush meat, suya or go to chicken university and spend thousands of naira just to impress someone or buy and hold more than two smart phones just to demand respect without remembering them, as we take our love ones out we can make it a point of duty to go see them once in a while give them love, shelter, clothing, food, water above all be affectionate and compassionate for you don’t know why God has used them as example for us to see,

Don’t live them for the governments there is a lot of excuses and lapses, don’t live them for NGO’S for your interest to work as an NGO and be paid in dollars.

This is a clarion call to all which must be heeded, I call upon all individuals, organizations, groups, foundations for the less privilege to come in and help, these people need education especially the girl child amongst them, who have been turned into house helps instead office managers, doctors and first ladies. Remember they say if you educate a woman is like you’ve educated the whole world.

Take part show them love be socially responsible for them, It wouldn’t be a bad idea too if we have a formidable force or foundation, where all individuals social organisation, private bodies, banks industries even government functionaries will come together form a synergy with common interest of eradicating and alleviating the sufferings of the IDP’S, But if you can’t do all these because of common difference, at least send them a flower.

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