The Songs Of Heart 2

When someone loves you, how does it make you feel? Think about it for a moment. Do you feel warm inside, like everything is going to be ok?

Love really is the most important thing in life.

Imagine this to prove it: if you had to choose between going hungry for a day or having your best friend tell you,

“I hate you; I never want to see you again,” which would you choose? If you chose the love of your best friend over food, it shows just how important love really is. Life really isn’t worth living without it.

But the problem is that a lot of people don’t really feel loved. Have you ever felt, if just for a moment, that nobody cares about you? It’s horrible.

The best thing to do to feel truly loved is to find the source of love. For example, if you were dying of thirst, you should find the source of water .

And God’s Love on Us knows no boundary, loves us with an unending intimacy, takes us back when ever repentance arrest our nefarious unchastity.

Wash us clean as old things past and all becomes new, fresh, au courant, new-fangled, neoteric, modish, dewy, spick and span, whole, tight, novel, uncontaminated, great, unique, better, freer, finer, sweet, dandy, untrodden, beautiful, virgin.

But what about us, we hate even while we are intimately loved by God, we cursed instead of praise, we fight instead of wearing an emblem of peace, abuse instead of applaud, insult instead of adulate.

We indulge in this gross insensitive insolence, contemptuous, degrading, offensive and impolite rudeness without remorse.

Indented as the incline citations is bore like an indelible birth mark on mind’s hart, soul and body, as mimicked backhanded compliment made ab initio becomes pejorative or derogatory.

Lives lived yet, but exist we must as our attitude towards another judge us,

Live life, love like God,
Forgive Easily
So that God’s Will can Be done in your life

To be Continued………………………

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